1. So crazy!  We’re doing 3 days on and 1 day off while we’re doing home style.  It’s the original prescription from CrossFit.com, and we’ve never really been able to do it, so we’re giving it a go!  What it means is that today is your way out to be able to be focused and train hard on the three days we do get to train.  If you missed one you can certainly make it up as well.

We’ve set up a meeting with Terra to do a big stretch class on Zoom!  You’re gonna love the name, if you love the name half as much as I do, you’ll love it three-thousand.

Bendy Tendy Terra Time!!

Here’s the Zoom Meeting IDs:

8am Class 847 410 131

5:30PM Class 174 228 717


So the meeting time let us go long this morning for some reason, they might be feeling altruistic given their current BOOM in popularity (I wonder why?) as an online meeting platform.  My directive to Terra was to go as long as you can until you get cut off.  Which might very well be an hour, it could also be merely 40 minutes, we’ll see!  I’ll see you guys there!!  Lord knows I could use a stretch!!


Here’s some food help from your favorite demo girl!!