Alright, my sincere hope is that you’ll get to spend some time outside today, it’s supposed to be really sunny and like high of 57, and then the weather is supposed to get SHITTY for like a week.  Let’s take today as an active rest day, with the promise that you’ll get outside and move.


I’m looking for bike riding, jogging (I said it), hiking, frisbee, fetch with the dog for extended periods, give it some real time team.  Free vitamin D is super good for you, fresh air is no joke the AQI in homes is often far worse than outside, melatonin reset from direct in the face sunlight helps sleep, depression, anxiety, you name it.  GET THE F OUTSIDE.


If you’ve missed one of the home workouts, make it up today!

And for you moment of zen, I give you Cypress Hill: listen at least to the first Chorus!