The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run is next weekend!  There’s a bunch of us going, so be prepared to have some classes be sparse 🙂 We’re fundraising with special T-shirts!  The suggested donation is $35 with all proceeds going to the Keala Foundation.  Google it, check it out, it’s really special what they’re doing out there.  Please consider chipping in, and getting of these cool one run only shirts!

Monday: Press for Max 5, yes we’ll do more stuff, but that’s the main work for today!



“Meadows” LCF as Rx’d

For Time:

15 Muscle-ups,

20 Front Lever Negatives,

25 Horizontal Ring Rows,

30 Ring Dips



8 Back Squats , 2 Overhead Squats

5 Rounds for Load



“Ship” LCF as Rx’d

6 Rounds:

4 Power Cleans (155/105)

8 Burpee over Bar


Friday: “Helton”

LCF as Rx’d

3 Rounds:

Run 600/400/200

30/20/10 Wallball Shots (30/20)

30/20/10 Push-ups




LCF as Rx’d

3 Rounds:

9 Bar Muscle-ups,

11 Sumo DL High Pulls 125/85

Carry a sandbag or medball to the danger shack and back



The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run!!