***Notice: Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving the gym will be closed, if you want I’ll post some home workouts, but check this out, Cornucopia is so rough that you’re wild to think that you need more training afterwards for like at least 2-3 days. Boom.***

Monday: Deadlift x5

Tuesday: 70 Double Unders, 50 Abmat Sit-ups, 30 Ring Push-ups, 50 AbMats, 70 Double Unders, 50 Abmats, 30 Ring Push-ups, 50 Abmats, 70 Double Unders for time

Wednesday: “Fran”

Thursday: Power Clean and 2 Front Squats for Max, like you do a power clean, and then without putting the bar down do two front squats also, then put the bar down. For a Max

Friday: Bench Press 1/30/1/20/1/10, onced finished, work to 100 ring rows (at an angle that starts with 20 reps)

Saturday: Trade Rounds with a buddy: 200m Run, 6 Sumo DL HighPulls 135/95 each do 10 rounds