CrossFit Classes:

Monday: “Roy”

Tuesday: “Nancy”

Wednesday: Military Press x3 and Annie

Thursday: Clean Max 2

Friday: “Moon”

Saturday: Team Chelsea, I go, you go for 30 minutes, max rounds


Monday: Lower Body Accessories

GHR 5×5

Leg Press 3×30

Reverse Hypers Single Legged with Bands 90lbs and 2×1” 4 sets

Sled Walks between legs 3 Trips

L-Sit Holds accumulate 4 minutes


Tuesday: Max Effort Upper Body

4” Cambered Bar mini bands

Close Grip 3 Board 3×12

Seated Cable Row 5×12 band it

Close Mag Grip Pulldowns 5×8


Wednesday: Upper Body Accessories

Bottoms Up Press max reps off hand (no more than 8 reps) match it with strong side, 5 times

Jerk Landing Position, split and bar overhead 5 sets of 3 exertions

Hammer Grip Bar Lying Extensions with a band at angle to floor 5×15

Low Incline DB Extensions 5×8

Single Arm Cable PullDown 5×15

Lying Rear Delts DB 5×20


Thursday: Rest


Friday: Speed Strength Clean and Jerk

Clean and Jerk 4×2 70%, 4×2 75%, 4×2 80%

Banded Sumo DL 20×1 50% of best Sumo DL+25% bands

40 Seated Jumps with Vest

Easy Hypers 5×30

Weighted Pass Throughs 50x


Saturday: Absolute Strength Snatch

Power Snatch from 12″ Blocks

Concentric OHSQ work to Max (10 reps or less total above ~70%, counting all attempts, made and missed)

Press right at Chest at the shoulders 5 sets of 3 exertions

MedBall Shot Puts 5×20/side

Hip and Back Extensions 75x


Sunday: Rest


Powerlifting Conjugate:


Weighted Vest use your arms

Above Parallel Box Squat, Normal Stance, Duffalo Bar

45 degree GHD Barbell Hip Extension 5×8

Split Squats 3×8, lightened method

Reverse Hypers 3×10

GHD Side Bends w/ Band 5×12/side



Close Grip 5 Board Straight Bar Multigrip

2 Board for 5×5

Rope Cable Extensions 5×10

Single Handed Barbell Rows 5×6/side

Wide Mag Grip 5×8

MedBall Shot Puts 5×8/side throw it hard



Weighted Vest use your arms

Reverse Hypers 5×8

L-Hang Holds 10 Max Effort Holds

Ankle Weights in Belt Squat 200x Hamstring Curls

Triceps Extensions Do 100-200 of them



Normal Stance, Straight Bar Box Squat with Chains 12×2 with K: 120 and 2 chainz

Belt Squat Deadlifts w/ Bands 5 sets of 4

Glute Ham Raises 5 sets

Belt Squat Marching 400 steps

Banded Ab Mat Sit-ups 5x Max Reps



Fat Bar 8×3 K: 60 and 1 Chain Band

Dips 4 sets max reps

Decline Elbows Out DB’s 4 sets Triceps Extensions

Banded Seated Row 5×12 100 Pull Aparts 1″ Band

Band Rotators 3x burning/side