Monday: 35 Pull-ups, 40 double unders, 20 chest to bar pull-ups, 70 double unders, 10 bar muscle-ups, 100 double unders for time, boom!


Weightlifting Conjugate:

Monday: Lower Body Accessories

Squat Mornings Safety Squat Bar 5×8

Leg Press 3×30

Reverse Hypers Angle with Bands 180lbs 2 1” Bands 3 sets

Ankle Weight Hamstring curls on Cheese Mat 10 min

L-Sit Holds accumulate 2 minutes


Tuesday: Max Effort Upper Body

Full On Bench Press 1 Rep Max

Low Incline Lightened 1″Bench Press -Heavy 8

T-Bar 5×15 lightened method with a monster mini

Medium Supine Mag Grip 5×8


Wednesday: Upper Body Accessories

Bottoms Up Press max reps off hand (no more than 8 reps) match it with strong side, 5 times

Press top 1/4 above the head a few inches 5 sets of 3 exertions

Elbows Out DB Extensions 3×15

Strict DB Kickbacks 3×20

GHD DB’s 5×20

100 Jumping Pull-ups


Thursday: Rest


Friday: Speed Strength Clean and Jerk

Mid Thigh Hang Power Clean w/pause 4×2 70%, 4×2 75%, 4×2 80%

Banded SN Grip 20×1 60% of best Snatch +25% bands

40 jumps Vest + PVC SN

Easy Hypers 5×30

Single Arm Rear DB Flyes 6×20


Saturday: Absolute Strength Snatch

Mid Thigh Hang Snatch Banded OHSQ use 1” bands, go for Max

Turn Around in Dip bar in front rack, 5 sets of 3 exertions

Standing Banded Twists 3×30/side

Back Extensions 100x


Sunday: Rest


Powerlifting Conjugate:


Weighted Vest use your arms 4”

Deadlift Against bands K: 1 1”

Leg Press 5×8, go heavy

Split Squats 3×8, lightened method

Reverse Hypers 3×10

One Handed Farmers Walk 3 trips/side



Regular Grip 4 Board Straight Bar

Low Incline Lightened 1″ Bench Press -Heavy 8

Bandy Triceps 100x

DB Rows 5×12

Medium Supine Mag Grip 5×8

MedBall Shot Puts 5×8/side throw it hard



40 jumps Weighted Vest use your arms

Reverse Hypers 5×12

L-Sit Holds 10 Max Effort Holds

Banded hammy curls 200x

Triceps 100-200 of them



Duffalo Bar: K 120 + 2 chainz

Belt Squat Deadlifts w/ Bands 5 sets of 4

Banded Hip Extension 5 sets

Sideways Sled Marching 200m K: 2

Cable Pulldown Abs 4×25



Multi Grip Bar w/Bands: 8×3 K: 55 Micro Bands

Underhanded Grip Banded Bench 5 sets

Lightened JM Press 5 sets

Standing KB Rows 3×30

100 Lying Bandy Sweeps

Shoulder Horn 3x burning/side