I’m having a great time down here guys! Thanks for letting me take this time to help spread CrossFit to South America and especially Brazil. These are the first seminars here since 2009! There are only two gyms in the whole of Brazil, which is larger in land than the United States and has 2 million + citizens!!

We’re going to get over 100 new CF-L1’s out of this trip and hopefully that many new gyms in Brazil! Literally changing the world. Literally! So thank you all again! I’ll be home July 9th, and teaching on the 10th!

About the 4th of July (thanks Michelle!) normal hours on the 4th. On the 5th, we’ll open at 7:00am for the 7am Class! I hope you’ll be there, and have a great time celebrating how we drove those terrible tyrannical British Colonials from our shores so many years ago! Light one off for me!!

Drinking well water at Vagafogo nature preserve on our rest day!

A wonderfully tall (not pictured) canopy tree in the same preserve.

The crew, after coming up with our WOD: 15 min AMRAP of 4 Muscle-Ups (Jumping for me, don’t worry!), 8 Push Jerks 155/105, and a 20# Med Ball Stair Run. Got very tough, rather quickly 😉

Train like Champions!!