Here’s the schedule for easy perusing 🙂

8am – Regular WOD Class (Abi)
9am – Beginner’s Class (Jesse)
10am – Regular WOD Class (Abi + Emily)
11am – Beginner’s Class (Jesse)
12:00 – “What is CrossFit” discussion
1:00 – Lunch/Mingle/Hang/Say Hi
2:00 – “What is Fitness” discussion
3:00 – Beginner’s Class (Jesse)
4:00 – Regular WOD Class (Emily)

Glossary of Terms:

Regular WOD Class is for our current clients who are coming to workout, taught as per usual, no special shenanigans in terms of WODDAGE. Making up Tyler or Kelly or whatever nastiness the ladies think up for you will be plenty! Beginner’s Class, these are for people who’re coming to try out CrossFit and see what we’re all about. I would prefer everyone who is new to us go through this class to ensure that the stimulus dose (workout) is proper and that they not overreach on their first workout here 🙂 The workout we do will most likely change every class, so no cheating there either!!

What is CrossFit: Yay for whiteboard erudition! Defining our program is difficult, that’s why I’ve allotted an hour to it 🙂 It will help a) you to understand what we’re doing here, b) help your friends to understand what we’re doing here and c) it won’t help you explain it to anyone any better at all… Stick with the ole’ “it’s the best fitness program I’ve ever found, you should do it too!”

What is Fitness: Seemingly redundant yet wholly different. Gaining a definition for the end state of our training allows us to best go about garnering the proper adaptation. No one else offers such a definition! It’s another weighty matter so I’ve allowed for an hour as well 🙂 I hope that it’ll take less, but depending on how much minds are blowing it might take longer to clean up the damage!!

Lunch: Real food potluck! We’ve got a sign-up list at the gym, in the lobby! If you haven’t put yourself down for anything there, that’s cool, bring something anyways! Someone on forks and plates? Hooray for our impromptu “planning” department 🙂