Flooring is getting closer to being done 🙂 This next weekend is BIG. I hope y’all are around to come play!!


8am WOD class
10am WOD class
11:00am – 3:30pm Helen Throwdown with Lululemon Athletica to raise $$$ for cancer (see facebook)
4:00pm WOD class
5:00pm CrossFit Endurance Initial Team Meeting, come! Find out what the plan is, how the training will be structured if you fit into the mentality, plan some events and get things rolling!

9am WOD class
11:00am Ludus Virtis Weightlifting business meeting – discuss team options, finances, plans and set goal dates for upcoming competitions.
High Noon – 3:00pm: Ludus Virtis Max Day – Start with the Snatch and then go to Clean and Jerk. Review footage on the big screen and get better!
4:00 WOD class
Please invite friends to any and all these events, let’s pack the house! Grand Opening Party will be Friday the February 4th. Look forward to seeing Jef Atwood in the flesh! Back from Europe and heavily into Gluten 🙂

Check facebook for Kelsey and Emily’s pictorial essay of the construction project, be on the lookout for constantly varied functional movements at a moderate intensity. Big thanks to CrossFit Advantage in Mukilteo for helping up put up the annex sign!