Whitney’s Home!! YAY!

Recovering in true CrossFit style, she’s on the clock 😉 Charles has made it back into the gym being the savage that he is and causing our twenty-something males to once again feel sorrow at their current “condition”, sorry fellas!

Group Shot

I am proud of what we did for this family. A truly surprising uproar of giving and positivity that has not gone unnoticed! The grand total raised is a blessing, everyone, we made a real difference, it’s not too often that you can say that anymore, but we did. That’s amazing.

If I had a hat, it’d be off and maybe burnt in effigy to how amazing our little community here is, it transcends the WOD, it transcends sucking at double-unders, it transcends your aching whatevers, and I truly don’t think anyone can get it until you’ve been here and been a part of what we’re doing. It’s special. Thank you.

Clan Cheiftan out.