Over the next week we are going to be running a couple of introductory kids classes for our families. I have been working with Northshore, a school of which I am the Athletic Director to install an after school program geared toward teaching the kids functional fitness/CrossFit. Renee I and would like to invite your children to participate in these classes here at Local’s. The classes are going to focus on getting your kids moving in a fun and focused manner. Both my daughters Gabby and Alexis are extremely excited to be Guinea pigs for the gym. Hope you and your child can attend.

Thursday the 31st from 10-11am and/or 12-1pm
Saturday the 2nd from 9-10am
Sunday the 3rd from 9-10am.

For more information please contact Deidra 425-220-2366 or just shoot me an email deidra@localsgym.com