Thanksgiving Lift and Throw 2009!!

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Breanne Cory
It’s gonna be an awesome contest!
4 Events, easy day 🙂

1. Increasing Deadlift (regular bar, set on 12″ box):
Light Women 225+20 per rep
Heavy Women 245+20 per rep
Light Men 295+50 per rep
Middle Men 335+50 per rep
Heavy Men 385+50 per rep

2. Caber Toss: We’ll have a ladies caber and a mens caber.
Wechter Throw
3. Kettlebell Clean and Press: Alternate hands, must start each rep
on the floor and can press anyhow.
Light Women: 53#
Heavy Women: 62#
Light Men: 88#
Middle Men: 96#
Heavy Men: 106#

4. Light Scottish Hammer.