Hear ye, here ye, hear ye!

All Classes Saturday will be held at Wilcox Park.

Wilcox 1

8am: CrossFit Class (Fight Gone Bad)
9am: On Ramp Class
10am: CrossFit Class (Fight Gone Bad)

Gym hours will re-open at 3:00pm. There’s a special project if you’d like to come by and help out (it’s effort free)!! We’ll be measuring the distance traveled on many many different movements. For example, a Pull-Up: from arms straight to chin over the bar I (Jesse, 6’2″) travel say, 18 inches; Abi (5’1″) would travel say 13.5 inches. This variance creates a difference in the amount of mechanical work (big W) for each of our respective Pull-Ups. This is foundational to CrossFit’s charter of increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains. If you wanna come help, it’d be rad, and seriously, all movements will be unloaded and done for measurement only, sweating will not be happening (unless you wanna workout or something :).