This is a test, of the CrossFit credo: Increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains.  Jackie is a great three mode workout with a ton of Nm/s (power) packed into it. 

Here’s the plan:

For those of us who can RXD this workout.  Get after it.  Recognize where you slowed down the most, rowing, thrusters and/or pull-ups and then practice and develop those movements. 


1k Strategy is huge: Open with 10 HARD strokes, then settle into a pace you know you can keep without burning out and then row it until the last 300m when you really kill it.  You should fall off the rower dead to the world.  During Jackie I’d advise to keep that steady pace, but for training the 1k, sprint the end.


Develop your squat.  We’ll be doing a lot of squat therapy against the wall, WORK THIS MOTION.  Squat therapy should be very difficult, it is for Lindsay, and that means it should be terrible for you. 

Increase your front squat max – get stronger legs.  This is a key underpinning to CrossFit.

Increase your air squat speed.  When we do them go for it!


Get the kip figured out to string them together!!  Practice practice practice!


For everyone who’s scaled:


Negatives: Jump over the bar, hold on for dear life as long as possible.  Do 20 every other day.

Jumping Pull-Ups: They work, really pull the arms and get that chin over the bar!

Banded Kipping Pull-ups: Yes the band will slap around and generally "be in your grill", get over it.  This is the fastest way to learn it.

Kip Swing Practice: Get the timing right, then learn to pop the hips and finally fast pull with the arms.

Banded Dead Hangs: Stand in a band and pull, without kipping.

Lose weight: try the zone diet 🙂  It works really well.  In fact – watch for our concurrent "Cut the Crap" challenge board soon to be up at the gym.  And yes Rainier CrossFit is totally our inspiration for this – thanks Kurtis and Laurie!