What a day!  The workout today was do Max Reps of Bodyweight Bench Press followed by Max Reps of Pull-ups in a superset fashion with plenty of rest between the rounds.  Total all reps for your score.  This is a great relative strength measure because ostensibly it’s all based on bodyweight.  Club record: 243 Jason VanHollebeke.


PR’s for the night were everyone!  No back sliders!  🙂  Lee M. went up 20 points, above 100!!  Richard D. set his score for the first time.  Adam, BJ, Morgan, and all the AM crew posted great new Bench Press weights.  Colin C. upped his score an impressive 28 points, above 150 and GARY FINALLY GOT PULL-UPS!!!  On a still more exuberant note our very own Whitney O. tore major skin off both hands learning how to swing for her kipping pull-ups.  Fanfreakintastic!

     5:30 Ladies showed no fear tonight!  Upping presses as high as 110lbs for reps!  Average jumping pull-up numbers around 20 per round all in all a lot of quality strength work!  


     As a side note, Jesse will be doing some floor work tomorrow so be prepared to have equipment all over the place as he tries to measure fifty-six times and cut about eight in efforts to make two useful platforms in our wonderful "west side" space.  As Ice Cube says in the illustrious "West Side Connection" album, popularized in the late 90’s "if you live on the West Side of yo’ town, make them otha fools bow down."  Word.