Yeah! So I’m sure you’ve got friends and family and co-workers who know you’re a workout person. They might even be interested in what you’re doing and tell you that “you’re wierd” or they might tell you nothing and sulk in a corner and ruminate about your demise and an ever-increasing waist-line. ENOUGH!

Now you can bring them to a great (read: killer, heinous and “you’re kidding right”) workout with you! It’ll be free for newcomers, and members don’t worry you’ve already paid (thank you).

To kick off our first FFS we’ll be having all sorts of goodies!! The calendar is loaded, check it out. But as far as working out and kicking assorted butt, we’re bringing down Tom Corrigan area kettlebell stud and techique guru, seriously he’s from Nepal.

Not really.

He’s just your average, fire-fighter, “Blue Collar Fitness” CEO (no kidding), once self-proclaimed omnipotent fitness deity, Russian Kettlebell Club champion, you know. Guru.

He’ll be down to help us out with this first FFS workout, I’m excited I hope you guys are too, I want a packed house for this so please post back if you’re interested or to be like “dude, awesome, I soo can’t wait to get a sweet workout in, my seated ham curls have come way up, so the kettleball should be no problem”.