We’re open full schedule on Monday! Fitness ain’t take no BANK holidays!!

Monday: Hang power Snatches and Ring Dips

Tuesday: Mini Bi-athlon drag races. This was too much fun on Friday, we’re doing it again! 2 Rounds of each with rest. A) Ski 350m, farmers walk 115/hand down and back, 15 strict pull-ups. B) Row 400m, 25 KB swings 53/35, 15 Strict Pull-ups

Wednesday: Thruster 3 rep max, boom.

Thursday: 12 DB Bench Presses 40/25, 12 GHD Sit-ups, 12 Box Jumps 24/20, 12 Ab-Mat Sit-ups, 5 Rounds for Time

Friday: “Helton” With Scaling!! As Rx’d it’s: Three rounds for time of: Run 800 meters 50 pound Dumbbell squat cleans, 30 reps 30 Burpees

Saturday: “Johnson” If you wanna know, you look it up 🙂 Of course we’ll scale it and with any luck make it a team WOD!


Weighted Vest use your arms
4” Deadlift Against bands K: 1 1” Band
Rack Pulls 19 w/ 2 1″” Bands 5×8
Glute Ham Raises 5 x max reps
Reverse Hypers 5×8, go heavy strain hard
Cable Oblique Crunches 3×15/side


Illegal Wide 3 Board w/ K: Mini Bands -Straight Bar
Close Grip 4 Board 5×8
Low Incline DB Extensions 5×8
T-Bar Banded against mini bands 5×8
Overhanded Straight 5×10
MedBall Shot Puts 5×8/side throw it hard!!


Weighted Vest use your arms 40 Jumps
Reverse Hypers 5×8
L-Sit Holds 10 Max Effort Holds
Hamstring Curls Ankle Weights in Belt Squat 200x
Triceps Extensions Do 100-200 of them


Let’s talk weights, and reconfigure your DL %ages on Monday
Box Squats Duffalo Bar: K 120 + 2 chainz 12×2
Hip and Back Extension to Glute Ham Raises 5 sets Belt Squat Marching 400 steps, stopping, but no putting down…
Hanging Knee Raises 100x


Straight Bar 8×3 Bands K: 70 K: Micro band Underhanded Grip Banded Bench 5 sets micro bands
Lightened JM Press 5 sets
Landmine Rows 3×25
75 Chest to Bar JPU’s
Shoulder Horn 3x burning/side