So many things going on!! My goodness.

Whitney Neill: Went though surgery yesterday to repair her subclavian aneurism (kind of a big deal) got out of the ICU Wed about 11:00 eastern time!! YAY! She’s already on her doctors about whether or not she can do things like 400m runs and thrusters. Doesn’t that just warm your heart? The Neill fam will be home on or about the 13th!

Miss ya Whit!

Abi and Kelsey
Olympic Weightlifting/CrossFit Contest Results: Abi did amazingly! Click Here to see the score sheet, she’s in the 3rd weight class, yes there are girls smaller than Abi 🙂 Abi and Elyse Umeda (11th in the CrossFit Games) battled during the weightlifting portion of the competition. Abi out-snatched Elyse by 1 kilo and Elyse trumped Abi’s best Clean and Jerk by 5 kilos. This result leaves Abi in second place for the Weightlifting portion. The WOD was a different story 🙂 Abi took 4th place in the WOD (10 minutes for rounds of 6 Squat Cleans 66#, 12 Pull-Ups and 24 Double Unders) leaving her in 4th place in her weight class. Overall (counting all 61 female competitors regardless of weight class, which goes up to and over 75 kilo or 165 pounds) Abi got 19th on the weightlifting, and 25th on the total score!

I’m super proud of Abi, she’s training really hard, eating very well, taking care of her mobility, and has another contest in two weeks! This time it’s local! Thrush Sports Performance in Sumner Washington is having a contest on the 16th. It’s the same day as our Olympic Lifting Clinic we’re having at the gym. Luckily Abi competes in the morning, so she’ll have time to race back here and help the rest of us mortals improve on the two highly technical lifts! If you can make time to go down there and watch, please do, it’ll be doubly fun because our other buff and tough small fry Lisa Merritt will be competing as well!

The weekend was an absolute blast! Thanks for letting Abi and I take off for 4 days! Highlights include but are not limited to: Abi getting free T-shirts from Forged, pairing up with Elyse to interview popular competitors after the WOD for, her being accused of having a cotton allergy likely caused from zoning paleo food choices and from performing high intensity functional movements 🙂 I got to have lunch with Coach Glassman! Abi and I both were asked to commentate for the WOD which was a hoot! If you can listen to some of the webcast it’s hysterical 🙂 I also had the privilege to help out the Chans and CrossFit Verve during the weightlifting portion of the weekend! These ladies are a blast!! They do war paint and temporary tattoos before the event – what fun! I’ll post some pics once I get them! SnoRidge CrossFit currently has the best photos! I want them!

Thanks again all! See you tonight 7:30 for “Anatomy for Jocks” we’re covering the shoulders and neck, kind of a big deal 🙂