” (1) Make your manner of eating neither luxurious nor gloomy, but lively and frugal, (2) that the soul may not be perturbed through being deceived by the pleasures of the body, and that it may despise them; and that the soul may not be injured by the enjoyment of present luxury (3) and the body many not afterward suffer from disease.”

Long sentence! I know this kills all the English Majors out there, but come on it’s a translated ancient text, written from oratory.

First Part: Eat on a budget and happily
Second Part: so [three parts] that your soul doesn’t 1. be misshaped by tasty treats, or 2) dislike tasty treats, or 3) becomes saddened by a lack of tasty treats that you shouldn’t have had anyway.
Third Part: also eat on a budget happily so that you don’t get sick after eating. – I also think he meant sick from disease, diabetes etc. –

Awesome! Happy Food Budgeting 🙂

Linds and John

Grassfed Meat: Let’s go ahead and high-ball it for 20 blocks of meat each day! 31 days, 1.25 pounds of meat, 140 grams of protein.

31 x $8.75 ($7/lb average) = $271.25 each month

Organic Fruit and Veggies: Full Circle Farm boxes, again let’s choose to high-ball it and get a family sized box each week delivered to the gym!

1 Family Sized Box each week = $32 x 4 = $128

Now all you need is some almonds, cashews and walnuts ($25, costco) and you’re good to go!
Total monthly grocery bill for amazing nutrition, i.e. lively and frugal = $424.25
Here are some other “things” that cost $425 bucks.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C – Just for Chris
And Exhibit D

Now for some video of true meat eaters caught on camera, check these out!!

Gage L-Sit Demo – Computer
Boys Foam Pit – Computer