Many firsts 🙂 Here it goes!


A couple big things coming through here, we’ve never divided a class before into two parts. I feel like it can potentially divide the gym into the “cool kids” and “the not-too-cool”. I personally have spent enough of my life being in “the not-too-cool” side of athletics to want to ensure that we do not do that to our people. Why? Because we’re awesome. I know it’s bad grammar to start a sentence with “because” 🙂

However, we’ve been here long enough, some of our athletes are getting to a level where they need some more in depth coaching to keep progressing. And (yes I know, bad grammar) since it is our passion, pleasure and business to ensure progress towards ultimate bad assery we need to address this issue.


Tuesday Nights 6:30PM Jesse and Abi will be in the house, Friday nights Abi and Lisa will be in the house 6:30pm! The class will be grouped to allow everyone to be coached as relevantly as possible. For example: this Tuesday is Make-Up/Rest day. Abi will take those that need to workout, Jesse will be in charge of teaching people how to rest 🙂

But seriously, Sat was “Annie”, Sun was MB Clean/Run, Mon is Nate. The skill choices are many: Jumping Rope in general as well as the insidious “Double Under“, the Medicine Ball Clean, Muscle-Ups and Handstand Push-Ups.

What this gives us is great options around two basic dichotomies: those of us who need to gain these skills and apply them to workouts, and those of us who need to learn how to demonstrate these skills faster or more effectively to garner more effect from our workouts.

Be excited!! (I know you’re not supposed to use “be” in a sentence)