The article is written for Triathletes but it definitely is applicable to all athletes especially CrossFitters. The jist of the article is if I asked you “Why do you train?” you may respond back with something trite like “To lower my blood cholesterol”, or “to pass my PT test”, or because you’re edgy and crass, “So I look better naked.”

Abi Yoke


Ben is right, these all ring hollow. I’m mentally preparing for when the dudes are 4 or so and they start asking me “Why?” after everything, even when I’ve already answered it 15 times.


So here it goes: ask yourself why you train, answer with whatever; here’s the interesting part – ask “why” to yourself about that answer, and then again, and then again. About the time you start to get frustrated with this exercise you’re probably getting close to the gut wrenching truth as to why you really train. For me it was powerful, revealing and previously unknown.

I highly suggest this exercise in discovering your internal motivation. See you this weekend…



Clan Cheiftan