Guys!  I’m super stoked that you’re all so into getting these challenges done!  Please remember that we’ll make sure you have ample opportunities to get the “simple” ones done (e.g. Run 5k) and that you’ll have ample notice to get the ones that really can’t be done without everyone (e.g. Gilligan and Clovis). So don’t freak out!

Remember that the phase we’re in right now is the “C2 Bike Marathon” Phase.  Let Lana or Jesse know if you want to ride it on a Saturday instead of taking class, we have space for 3 each weekend.  With a little planning we might fit a few more but it does take 90 minutes to nearly 2 hours and we’re open from about 6:45 to about 10:15.  We’re gonna have this out there on these weekends and then it’ll be a goner: July 27th, Aug 3rd, Aug 10th, and Aug 17th.  Be early or be unable!!


Monday: Thruster 1 Rep Max + Accessories


Tuesday: CARGO NET! Do a climb, run a 200m run, 15 Sandbag Over Shoulders, 5 Rounds for time



LCF as Rx’d


For Time:


Back Squat (BW)

Floor Press (BW)

Strict Pull-ups



35 DB/KB Swings 55/35

DB/KB Farmers Carry 200m 55/35

2 Rounds for Time




20-min AMRAP of:

5 Parallette HSPU

10 Toes-thru-Rings

15 Medball Cleans (20/14)



Partner 1 Rows Max Meters

Partner 1 can only row while partners 2 and 3 hold the plank position

75 second rotations

3 Rounds for Max Meters