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Wednesday April 1st!

Remember guys, no jokes here!  Regularly scheduled beatdowns and tough workouts, that’s us 🙂 Topic: 6am, 4:00pm Kids, and 5:30pm Zoom Classes Date: Apr 1st,  2020 Join Zoom Classes: https://zoom.us/j/5436926158 Meeting ID: 543 692 6158 The Workout: I know workouts...

Tuesday the 31st!

Just a prediction: there’s gonna be super dumb April Fools’ stuff, so be ready for that, not from me, I loathe April Fools, because I fall for everything, everytime.  I’m the worst. Topic: 6am, 4:00pm Kids, and 5:30pm Zoom Classes Date: Mar 31, 2020 Join Zoom Classes:...

Monday! The 30th of March

Here we go guys!  In anticipation of the lengthened time period that we’ll be on “lockdown” we’re going to be adding more Zoom classes each day in an attempt to rope more of you guys in to the fun!  Please email me, or text with when you’d like to see a class.  We’ll...

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DEXA Scan in the gym!

Hey guys I got it set up!  Tuesday the 16th starting at 6:00am, the truck will be here to do the scans!!  [Correction] I’ll be getting the registration link from Jason soon, and i’ll Post that. Sorry! The cost is $45, I would like to do this ideally twice a year, once...

New Things for 2018!!

Team!  Here’s a bit of an update 🙂 New Things: SkiErgs from Concept2.  I’m pretty stoked to have these little ditties, they’re cool and will help produce fitness and scale people further on running and stuff like that.  Also, they’re the most noticeable piece of new...

Nutrition Blog

Coming Soon!

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