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10k Recap! Woo hoo!

Mike, Sis, Emily, Jon, Chad, Jennifer, Marina, Eileen, Jesse, Brent, Ryan, Maher, Amy, Leann, Evin, Tyler, Kelsey, Leann with the help of Carrie, Gage, Logan, Chloe, Denise, Shannan, Pam, Dan, Payton, Benjamin, Blake and Grayson ran 6.06 (some further than others!)...


Hey guys this weekend SUNDAY 10AM is the Group 10k Run headed to Pam and Dan’s house!  Remember $20, register early with me, we can scale, and remember to plan to stay for tasty brunch once we get there!   Monday: Front Squat for Max 3   Tuesday: Max Rounds...

Aloha From Kaua’i!!

The trail run was a huge success!  We all made it, we hefted the sandbags, we slid the slides, we got wasted with mud, and all was well!!  Mega money for the kids program out here and much fun had by all!     The before, the after and an example of the...

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New Things for 2018!!

Team!  Here’s a bit of an update 🙂 New Things: SkiErgs from Concept2.  I’m pretty stoked to have these little ditties, they’re cool and will help produce fitness and scale people further on running and stuff like that.  Also, they’re the most noticeable piece of new...

Hooverball Tournament!!

The 29th!  High Noon - the cost is $15 teams of 3 will play each other, if you don't have a team come anyway and we'll get you set right up - I'm sure we'll need subs 🙂 BBQ and T-Shirt included.  We've got Ed on the grill and Jesse on the whistle so...

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