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Hey guys!  Here’s the Dirty Dozen email you’ve been waiting for!!   Row 10k: in the gym Friday November 1st, come, setup, and get to it! Row for Revielle: 24 Rounds: 10-min On, 50-min rest for Max Distance.  This will be in January at CrossFit Kitsap and is the...

Rain in August? How dude.

Bonus points if you can call the movie reference in this posts title!   Monday: Push Press 5 rm   Tuesday: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of MB Allen Lifts 30/20, DB/KB Push Jerks 35/25, Med Ball Hang Cleans For Time   Wednesday:   7 Power Snatches 115/75, 7...


Imagine how sore the Games’ Athletes are!  Then come in and train!! Monday: "Brian" 3 Rounds: 5 15' Rope Climbs 25 Back Squats (185/125)   Tuesday: YOKE DAY!!!   Wednesday: ”TK" 8 Rounds: 8 Strict Pull-ups 8 Box Jumps (36/30) 12 KB Swings (70/53)  ...

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Sunday Seminar Series

Sunday the 9th 12:00 to 4:00pm We'll cover what is fitness, the squat in all it's glory an variety, and finally how to create a balanced fitness that is simply fantastic. Bring comfortable clothes that you can sit down and stand back up in 🙂

The Friendly Fifth of February

 Everyone!  Bring those friends you've talked with about CrossFit for the last few months - now's the time to get them in here, all our trainers will be here ready to help people learn new movements, tackle old nagging joint issues, push themselves to the...

Monday Before Christmas

Sad sad Gym.  Gym wants warm bodies to heat him up, Gym likes it when chalk is in the air - forget about those Reindeer!! Monday: ClosedTuesday: ClosedWednesday: Open late at 8:00amGrazzi! 

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