Yay School’s Back In!!

The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run is next weekend!  There’s a bunch of us going, so be prepared to have some classes be sparse 🙂 We’re fundraising with special T-shirts!  The suggested donation is $35 with all proceeds going to the Keala Foundation.  Google it, check it out, it’s really special what they’re doing out there.  Please consider chipping in, and getting of these cool one run only shirts!

Monday: Press for Max 5, yes we’ll do more stuff, but that’s the main work for today!



“Meadows” LCF as Rx’d

For Time:

15 Muscle-ups,

20 Front Lever Negatives,

25 Horizontal Ring Rows,

30 Ring Dips



8 Back Squats , 2 Overhead Squats

5 Rounds for Load



“Ship” LCF as Rx’d

6 Rounds:

4 Power Cleans (155/105)

8 Burpee over Bar


Friday: “Helton”

LCF as Rx’d

3 Rounds:

Run 600/400/200

30/20/10 Wallball Shots (30/20)

30/20/10 Push-ups




LCF as Rx’d

3 Rounds:

9 Bar Muscle-ups,

11 Sumo DL High Pulls 125/85

Carry a sandbag or medball to the danger shack and back



The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run!!

Gilligan’s Week!!

Monday:  Should totally be fine.

AMRAP 12 Minutes of: 4 Bar Muscle-ups, 25 Alt DB Snatches 45/30



LCF as Rx’d


14-min AMRAP:

9 Overhed Squats (115/75)

1 Legless Rope Climb

12 Floor Presses (115/75)


Wednesday: We’ll explain, don’t worry

“Local’s Gym T” Rest a bit

Do a heavy Farmers carry or Yoke walk, rest a bit, do another “T”, farmers or yoke, try to get 4-5 rounds of each move


Thursday:  Don’t not come!!  Get in today and work on this move, it’s OVERHEAD TIME PEOPLE!!!

Jerk for 1RM


Friday: Yes we have a plan for the pistol.

5 Rounds for Time of: 40 Double Unders, 20 Alternating Pistols, 10 Deadlifts 225/165


Saturday:  If you’re coming to Gilligan at the park, DO NOT show up to class this morning 🙂  Otherwise, enjoy the session, it should be NASTY and faster than you’d like it to be!!

AM WOD: 12 Minutes Bike, 12 Minutes Run, 12 Minutes Rowing for max distance. Can be run in reverse for numbers, or any order really, so 9 peeps should work out great.

Gilligan 2:15PM (DD) – be early, or you’re late and you’ll get less time to get meters!!

A week to remember…



1 rope climb 15’,

400m run,

Max HSPU’s AMRAP 20 minutes



Snatch for Max double.




LCF as RX‘d

7 Rounds:

4 Muscle-ups

22-yard Dumbbell Farmer Carry (70/50)




For Time:

With 1 KB 70 or 53:

21 Turkish Get-ups (R)

50 Swings

21 Overhead Squats (L)

50 Swings

21 Overhead Squats (R)

50 Swings

21 Turkish Get-ups (L)



Max Rounds in 7 minutes of:

row 150m

7 clapping Push-Ups



Hang Squat Cleans x3

Fitness Life? Worth it

Hey guys!  Here’s the Dirty Dozen email you’ve been waiting for!!


Row 10k: in the gym Friday November 1st, come, setup, and get to it!

Row for Revielle: 24 Rounds: 10-min On, 50-min rest for Max Distance.  This will be in January at CrossFit Kitsap and is the de facto finale for this years’ big challenge.  Plan on it, check their website, bug Dan, and come raise money for this great cause and have a blast getting way way tired!

Run 5k: The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail run, or Wizards 5k on December 1st, google it, sign up and do it!

Run 10k: From the gym to Pam and Dan’s house in Edmonds!  Breakfast, coffee and good times to follow.  +1’s welcome (we’ll need drivers to get us all back to the gym to go home), September 29th, 10am, rain or shine 🙂  I’ll publish the route ahead of time and will dispense maps and whatnot.  Registration is required (want to have a full list so we don’t lose anyone!!) and it costs $20.

Chad : 1,000 Step-ups for Time, wear 40lbs backpack 24/20” box.  Complete this anytime in October.  Must be at the gym, must weigh the backpack 🙂

Clovis: 10-mile Run, 150 Burpee Pull-ups, partition reps/running as needed, for time.  Friday October 18th.  I’ll be doing this workout over several hours all afternoon at the gym.  We will all be done (done done) at 7:30pm SHARP.  Plan accordingly.  I plan on making several different run courses for 1 mile and 2 mile options.

Gilligan:    3 Rounds for Max Distance: 30 Minutes Biking, 20 Minutes Running, 10 minutes Rowing.  B.Y.O.Bike, no stationary biking.  After we finish we’ll head over to Goffe and Nancy’s house for tasty BBQ and good times.  Must register early, $50.  Please understand that this event takes oodles of logistics.  Getting the rowers to the park, getting them back to the gym, keeping track of everything, having cramping helps, water, and the BBQ itself.  Saturday September 7th, 2:15pm start (SHARP AS A TACK), be there by 1:45/2:00 to get yourself put together and warmed up.  ***NOTICE*** 19 Athlete Maximum, please register ASAP.   Email Jesse@localsgym.com

So far the only people who’ve completed everything are:

Denise Schroeder, Maher Joudi, Rachel Egner, Emily Young, Marina Berti, Jesse Ward and Jesse Ward.

If you think this is in error, please let me know (we’re not perfect), plead your case over email to Jesse@localsgym.com.  If you want to do some make ups, we can talk about that and schedule them when it fits best.  THERE WILL BE NO MAKE UPS AVAILABLE IN DECEMBER.  You gotta want it Lynnwood!



Max Rounds in 15 minutes of:

3 Ring Dips,

9 Knees to Elbows,

21 Lateral Step-ups 24/20,

wear a 20/14lb vest




LCF as Rx’d

For Time:

1 mile Run,

800m DB/kb Farmers Carry (45/25),

400m Sandbag/MB Carry



Squat Clean, Hang Squat Clean, Thruster Complex for Max




20 Pull-ups,

30 Push-ups,

40 Sit-ups,

50 Air Squats

rest 3 minutes

5 rounds for time


Friday: 5x400m run rest 5 minutes-ish




7 Rounds:

3 Forward Rolls

5 Wall Climbs

7 Toes-to-Bar

9 Box Jumps (30/24)

Rain in August? How dude.

Bonus points if you can call the movie reference in this posts title!



Push Press 5 rm



21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of

MB Allen Lifts 30/20,

DB/KB Push Jerks 35/25,

Med Ball Hang Cleans

For Time




7 Power Snatches 115/75,

7 Ring to Chest Pull-ups,

max Rounds in 7 minutes



LCF as Rx’d:


For Time:

25 Double Unders

2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16 Squat Clean Thrusters (75/53)”



8 Alternating Pistols,

8 Burpees,

8 Toes to Bars

Max Rounds in 12 minutes



Front Squat Max 3


Imagine how sore the Games’ Athletes are!  Then come in and train!!



3 Rounds:

5 15′ Rope Climbs

25 Back Squats (185/125)







8 Rounds:

8 Strict Pull-ups

8 Box Jumps (36/30)

12 KB Swings (70/53)



Jerk for Max




9-mins to Complete: 1-mile Run Max Deadlifts (315/225)

8-mins to Complete: 1200m Run Max Power Cleans (225/155)

7-mins to Complete: 800m Run Overhead Squats (135/95)

All in order, without extra rest.  24 minute workout.




5 Rounds:

15 Dumbbell Split Cleans (40/25)

21 Pull-ups

You aren’t going to get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have


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