Get Started

Step One: Fundamentals

We begin with either two or five private sessions to help you learn the basic movements of CrossFit, how our workouts feel and why we train the way we do.  Private sessions maximize the amount of attention given to you and we feel it’s the best environment for you to get your start.  It’s kind of like hiring a tour guide for your vacation to Rome, instead of just having your lonely planet book.

Jesse lecturing at the whiteboard

Still not sure? Come see a class for yourself. You can participate or just observe!

Step Two: Classes

Held between 7 and 10 times a day, our CrossFit Classes offer the clearest instruction, most effective scaling and soundest programming, helping you achieve your fitness goals as rapidly as possible.  We recommend that beginners take 3 classes each week for best results, and eventually, depending on your goals, adding a fourth and fifth session.  Due to some peoples amazingly full schedules we offer a twice weekly membership as well.

Our classes consist of three elements: a warm-up, a workout and a cool-down.

Jesse teaching a group about handstands
Legs mid jump rope
Happy group of ladies stretching after a workout

The warm-up is different each day and depends entirely on what the focus of the day is both in the body parts used and in the movements of the workout.  The goal of the warm-up is to: prepare the specific tissues needed for today, and increase the blood flow to the working areas; furthermore to review movement mechanics, giving you an opportunity to practice, develop and refine your skills to allow you to improve your abilities for the days workout.

The workout truly is CrossFit: constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.  Sometimes we get tired, sometimes we move heavy things, sometimes we practice skills, sometimes we get really tired, the point is that it changes, it is difficult enough to make you better and the movements we use are found in everyday life, yet perfected in the gym environment.

The cool-down portion of the session is about slowly returning the body back to “normal operating mode”.  When training your body is profoundly more active than when at rest.  To immediately ask it to sit in your car 2 minutes after finishing your session is not the best!  Stretching the worked areas, additional midline (core) work and often assistance exercises to correct muscular imbalances, are things we do after the main work of the day is completed before we send you back out into the real world.

Completing these three sections of a class, in a respectful, fun, and motivational way leads to a very full hour!

Step Three: Be Fit

Having completed your Fundamentals Training, getting into CrossFit Classes and taking the time to see real improvements in yourself, the reward is fitness.

It shouldn’t be an ever-increasing spiral of awesome that leads only to more and more workouts!  The dizzying nature of such an enterprise looks like training with the only goal being to train even more, so that you can train more, which would help you train even more.  Like I said, dizzying.  Grandiloquently, vertiginous.

In the short term, life sacrifices for CrossFit to a certain extent (food changes, schedule adjustments, etc.), while your fitness is building, in the long term CrossFit is what gets sacrificed as you start doing more and more of the things that really interest you (playing with your kids, hiking, playing new sports, more active trips, daunting projects etc.).  Be that whatever it may be, or whatever may present itself!

Maybe you haven’t backpacked in 10 years, come train for a year and half, get profoundly more fit, then start working in hikes, and then in 5 years you can tackle the Wonderland Trail with no qualms.  Maybe you want to coach your kids Lacrosse team but know that you are in no condition to run and move as you would need to, start training now!  By the time your kids need you as a coach you’ll be physically ready to handle the demands, and then when you’re coaching three teams you’ll have to only take class twice a week because your in the pitch 8 hours a week.  Sounds like a worthy trade.  Maybe your grandkids are coming (still in the “oven” maybe!) and you want to be able to help carry them, go to the beach, play catch and all that.  Get to training, and when they’re ready you will be too.

Being fit means, being fit to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, for whatever reasons you have for doing it. We want to prepare you for your life so you can live it to the fullest!  Not simply so you can spend even more time here doing more and more workouts.  Remember, the reward is fitness and how it changes your life for the better!

Guys doing bench presses
Woman rope climbing
Groups of ladies practicing handstands

Far and away the best prize life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

~Teddy Roosevelt c.1858

Your first class is always free. Check us out!