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Midsummer’s WOD Dreams

Monday: Miitary Press for Max 5 and Annie   Tuesday: Squat Clean + 3 Front Squats for Max   Wednesday: Run 400m, Bike 400m, Ski 200m Blast through it three times with plenty of rest in between. Each 1000m total is timed.   Thursday: LCF as Rx’d...

It’s Happened Again. Fitness

Monday: LCF Rx’d: "Roy" 5 Rounds: 15 Deadlifts (165/110) 20 Box Jumps (24/20) 15 Pull-ups After Round 1: Rest 1 minute After Round 2: Rest 2 minutes After Round 3: Rest 3 minutes After Round for Rest 4 minutes For Total Time including the rests Tuesday: Hang Power...

4th of July Week!!

Hey guys!  Nothing too major: the gym will close Thursday afternoon.  After the 11:00 class is over (noon) the gym will be closed for the rest of the night.  Enjoy celebrating America’s independence!   Monday: 36 Alternating DB Snatches 40/25 5 Burpee Box Overs...

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Sunday Seminar Series

 Sunday the 16th, starts at noon, goes til around 4.   We'll cover nutrition, deadlifting in all it's forms, CrossFit programming style, and briefly cover the snatch - very complicated 🙂   Come and have fun!  Comfy clothes and a snack for sure 🙂

CrossFit Total at Puyallup

Curtis and Laurie of Rainier Crossfit are hosting a "CrossFit Total" in Puyallup. Squat for a Max Shoulder Press for a Max Deadlift for a Max Add all three together and you've got your "total"  shoot for over 1000! Starts at 10:00 🙂

CPR First Aid and AED Training

 David Anselment is hosting a CPR cert here at Local's!   It starts at 12:00 and goes till whenever we're good and done. Costs $60 bring a snack!  🙂

Nutrition Blog

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