The story is at the bottom. The Dan in reference is one of the coaches from, not Mr. Harkins, sadly. That would be a whole different story…


Monday: Sotts Press for Max 5, Pressing Snatch Balance for Max 5

Tuesday: 5 Minutes Right Hand: 8 KB Snatches and 8 KB Thrusters, 5 Minutes Left Hand: 8 KB Snatches and 8 KB Thrusters. For Max Reps R/L. 53/36

10 Minute workout, no break between Right and Left Sides. Yeah you can set it down, it’s just waaay cooler if you don’t 🙂

Wednesday: Tabata This! Hollow Rock, 1 Minute Rest, L-Hang, 1 Minute Rest, Plank, 1 Minute Rest, Ab Mat Sit-ups, 1 Minute Rest, Russian Twist w/DB 35/25, Rest and relax.

For Clarity: Tabata is 8 Rounds of 20 seconds ON, and 10 seconds OFF.

Thursday: 3 Rounds for Time: 400m Run, 21 Burpees, Row 500m

Friday: Power Clean Max 3

Saturday: 3:00 Double Unders switch when you miss, Med Ball Buddy Run 400m, 50 Partner Wall Ball Shots 20-10’/14-9′, 50 Alternating Kipping Pull-ups, 50 Partner Wall Ball Shots 20-10’/14-9′, Med Ball Buddy Run 400m, 3:00 Double Unders switch when you miss. For Time/reps/happiness.

Here’s how this thing should go:

3,2,1…GO. I start doing Dubs, I get 18 and miss, then Dan starts going, he gets 14 misses (we’re on 32 reps) right away I start again, I get 9, Dan starts immediately, he gets 26, and so on until 3:00 elapses and we’ve accumulated 189 Double Unders (or whatever). Then we grab our ball and run out of the gym, I pass him the ball, he catches it and passes it back to me ASAP, we run the 400m passing like this until we’re back at the gym. We saunter to the wall with our ball, and I do a shot, with a trajectory that gets the ball to Dan, who’s right beside me, he catches it, does another shot getting it the me (that’s our second shot of 50) eventually with my misses, our breaks, and terse words we finish the 50, then we proceed to our pull-up bar, Dan climbs the box to get the bar, and I gingerly jump to control. I hit a pull-up (Dan is hanging) then once I’m at the bottom, Dan hits a pull-up then hangs, then I hit a pull-up (we’re at three reps now). This begins to destroy our grips and eventually we complete 50 reps. Amidst an immodest degree is shit talking we make our way through 50 more dastardly wall ball shots, angrily toss the ball back and forth to each other as we gallop a second 400m run, then back to the gym to complete our doubles, all the while secretly wishing the other gets whipped badly when they miss. And then upon completion we reach Nirvana and find that our differences were only temporal and that we couldn’t be prouder of each other, and are friends for life, bonded through misery.