Heads up guys!!

Gym’s gonna be closed Friday. A few reasons, Camp Muir is happening, and a few coaches are gone on vacation, AND the workout is “Chad.”

“Chad Wilkinson”
For Time
1,000 Box Step-Ups (20/16)

Wear a BackPack (45/35)

I know it sounds totally nuts. There’s no better place to do this than at home. Get something sturdy to get onto: get a backpack and load it up with stuff that’s heavy enough. Get some drinks, and snacks, some good tunes for vibes, and get stepping! When you go into this workout, know that your pace will be slow. You’ll break a lot, that’s OK!! Take your breaks and then get back on the box 🙂

This memorial WOD will straight up feel like one of the most challenging workouts you’ll ever do. You’ll want to quit at least a few times. But when you make it to the finish line, you’ll feel both exhausted (physically and mentally) and extremely accomplished. And if you keep Chad Michael Wilkinson in your mind during all 1,000 reps, you’ll also feel like you’ve properly honored a fellow human being.

Scaling Options

This workout is meant to be grueling and long. About an hour or more for most athletes is assumed you guys!

Most of us should significantly scale the volume and/or the load to stay safe. The prescribed version of this workout should only be tackled by well-seasoned athletes, who are stoked about getting really really messed up sore 🙂

Scale 1:
For Time
500 Box Step-Ups (16/12 in)
Wear a Ruck Pack (25/15 lb)

Scale 2:
For Time
200 Box Step-Ups (16/12 in)
No Weighted Ruck

The rest of the week is planned out: but it’s gonna be a mystery week for you guys!! That means a couple things: no rope climbs! You’re safe. Yes bring your running shoes Wednesday, Lifters on Saturday. Other than that, no peeking! See you in class!!!