***ERGWOD*** is coming Saturday 9am-3pm, if you haven’t registered, DO IT. Otherwise you’ll miss out on hanging out, having fun and smashing on rowers, bikes, and ski ergs, to the ultimate improvement of your technique allowing you to get further faster in your workouts! But let’s be serious, it’s about the hang out, come play!

***SATURDAY’S CLASS*** The morning class will be shifted earlier, to 7:00am, so that we can do that, and have the 8:00 hour to set-up, and check everyone in who’s coming to the event that day. Plan accordingly!

We’ve never done something like this before! This should be about as nasty as it gets, super cool guys!

The Workout:
5 Rounds For Time with a partner:
500/350m Row
– After each row, perform 2
double unders for each row pull
taken to complete 500/350m

The partner rows while you do your double unders, they row while you do your double unders, if you finish your doubles before they’re done rowing, congrats you get to rest, if you finish rowing before your buddy is done with double unders, congrats you get to rest. This is gonna be awesome!

To calculate how many row pulls (strokes) completed in your rowing effort, you can do all kinds of math based on time and strokes per minute and converting seconds into a percentage of a minute and all that. Or you can just count while you row, seriously, count up, then double it, then do the dubs. I know you can do it Art! [muscle arm emoji]