Schedule things! Remember, tonight 6:15pm is the Krav Maga class! The instructor, Jesse Robbins, runs his own show and rents space from the gym, so sadly it’s not included in your memberships or anything like that.

***ALSO***. ERGWOD is coming Saturday 9am-3pm, if you haven’t registered, DO IT. Otherwise you’ll miss out on hanging out, having fun and smashing on rowers, bikes, and ski ergs, to the ultimate improvement of your technique allowing you to get further faster in your workouts! But let’s be serious, it’s about the hang out, come play!

***SATURDAY’S CLASS*** The morning class will be shifted earlier, to 7:00am, so that we can do that, and have the 8:00 hour to set-up, and check everyone in who’s coming to the event that day. Plan accordingly!

It’s kinda like Fran, but MORE, yet lighter… Let’s give it a go!

The Workout:
For Time:
Thrusters (65/45#)

Obviously the pull-ups need some scaling (for yours truly indeed!) a 60% solution on reps is always nice 30-18-12 seems more feasible for sure, be ready for that!