Well today is your day!

We’ll bring the net down (no, not the whole internet) our huge climbing net, and climb it!!

Once we get all acquainted with it (take seconds really) then we’ll do a nice little mash-up with it.  You’ll love it. Promise.

Come in tomorrow and find out the workout, be assured, the net is in it 🙂


See below for Details about Saturday’s Hill Climbing Funness!

Check the whiteboard in the gym for signups and times and vans and all that.  If you haven’t put your name down IN THE GYM, no one knows you’re coming, so we won’t be ready to help you out.  DO IT.

Saturday Morning:

Crew up at the gym if you like and carpool over, no big deal.  The cross street is 228th and 14th in Bothell.  The map should help, if not, google Kenmore Gun Range (1031 228th St SW, Bothell Wa, 98021), and drive to that, at the base of the hill (228th), you’ll find 14th, cruise south on that, and you’ll find peeps.