Hey guys, there’s word that we might be sliding back to Phase 2 on Tuesday or something.  I’ll keep you posted on what that all means for the gym if we get to that point.  Until then, keep getting the vaccine, keep being smart, and we’ll get through this.

Personally I know I’m starting to feel like things are more normal in regular life and that we should “just be able to do things like normal” but apparently we’re just not there yet.  Spring has sprung, and it’s beautiful out and so how can anything not be going right?  Here’s a couple things coming down the pipeline for your consideration and consumption:

  1. Murph on Memorial Day!!  Well, not really on Memorial Day, but on Saturday the 29th.  We’re gonna run (subject to change as always) two big classes where we have a lot of fun, do the workout (scaled or otherwise) and have a BBQ after the second class, the deets will be posted here more precisely later, and in the gym as well.  Be excited, and see some of the nastier workouts coming up as preparation for that day, get ready fam!!
  2. Billing billing billing.  No one likes to feel like they’re overpaying for a service guys, I 100% understand that, I can assure you that the gym has never done financially worse in our illustrious 14 years of operation as we are currently.  Why?  Because we have very few members.  On the bright side, the members we do have (you guys) are fucking battle hardened, stalwart, and amazing to work with!  Some people will be coming back, but there are many more who have legitimately upended their lives during the pandemic and will not be returning, a great example is Abhi and Mansi, who moved to Phinney ridge into a new house they bought, another is Andrew and Corinne from the PM group who moved to Georgia at the end of March, major life changes.  I see two things coming from this: 1) there are people that are new to this area who need a gym and 2) people are thinking about their health in totally new ways and potentially seeing (quite rightly) training and eating right as something very tangible that they can do to greatly increase the quality of their health and the quantity of their lives.  Remember when we went over the new fee structure I said the first charge (which bills on the first) is for the gyms expenses and was $155, that number also changes when we have more than 75 members, because $12,000/77 = $155.84 (so 75 has to be close enough).  You guys have been and will always be our marketing department!  As we get more people, the classes will be full full, so the price is always $5, and the monthly will come down.  Examples: at 125 members, the monthly is $96, and 20 classes at $5 each (classes will be packed at that membership number!) makes the total $196!  Around this membership level I would feel comfortable doing away with the class fee and going back to a simple flat rate per month.  I hope this sounds reasonable, caring, smart, prudent, and hopeful.  Bottom line: love you guys, AND WE NEED YOUR FRIENDS, COWORKERS, COUSINS, ENEMIES, FENCEMATES, GOLFING CREW, AND YO’ MAMMA.  Ask yourself this question: don’t you wish you would have found CrossFit earlier?  If the answer is yes, then whomever you tell will be thanking you in due course of time for bringing them in and getting them started.  Summer is usually a slow time for the gym, that simply won’t do this year.  We’ll be having some events on weekends, and my goal is to get to 125 members by August 13th (the crescendo of the Perseids Meteor Shower, which would be quite the fireworks show to celebrate with) 14 weeks!  We’re currently sitting at 73 peeps!  It really is 50 new people.  If you guys really want it to go back to “how it was” this is what we have to do!


The Workout:

Anyone see Murph Traning here?

800m Run

100 Burpee Pull-ups

800m Run

For Time




Work that start!

15 Rounds

100m Row

Rest :30 Seconds