Remember guys, gear get back on Sunday 1:00pm or later!  (maybe like until 5:00pm is good yeah?)


Saturday: 9:00am

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 543 692 6158

Passcode: 162313

Sunday: 9am like usual

Meeting ID: 874 1222 5401

No passcode 🙂


The Workout:

Bench Press x3


21-15-9 Jumping Air Squat and GHD Sit-up


Home Version:

Work a heavy press of some kind, could be overhead even.  As long as your arm is trying to straighten against resistance that is hard, it’s getting stronger :). Could be push-ups, HSPU’s, angle push-ups, floor press, press, etc.

In lieu of a GHD sit-up, banded sit-ups are great, as are Toes to bars. I know that these two days have a lot of sit-ups 🙂 Yay Variance!!



3 Times for time:

21 Calories

Rest :20 Seconds

15 Calories

Rest :20 Seconds

9 Calories

Rest :20 Seconds