Home Session Day 3:  This one might not look like much on paper, but let me tell you, give it your best and it’ll be just as nasty as we need it to be.  This is the originally scheduled workout for the gym contrary to what you might think :). One love.

Zoom classes: 6am, 11am and 5:30pm

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The Workout:

1 Minute Each

5 Rounds for 20 minutes total


Handstand Hold

Active Hang

Front Rack Duck Walk


Home Version: do the same thing, just make sure the scaling is OK to let you try hard and be safe for the minute!  Don’t break your walls trying to kick up to a handstand, drywall is WEAK.  All the walls in the gym are covered in plywood because we learned this the hard way 🙂



Stretch your hamstrings 2 ways: on your back with the band like we do: calves, hammy’s and down-out-up-and-ins, and then also the hold the knee and push the foot over the face method.

Push-Up Chest Circles and Stationary Inchworms

Overhead Pull-Aparts

Air Squats


Remember, the video has to be approved by YouTube first.  Check back soon!


1900m Time Trial!  Can you beat your quarantine best?