Hey guys! ¬†Thanks for being troopers, and awesome ūüôā I’m finishing up all my shtuff today to get everyone taken care of and set up. ¬†And I’m still compiling when are the best times for zoom classes, and who will teach them all! ¬†SO, no zoom today, there’s a workout below and rowing under that. ¬†Consider this the 1st workout of “non-quarantine”? ¬†We need to come up with a cooler name. ¬†OOH. ¬†“The Cooler.” ¬†Working out at home is like being in “The Cooler.” It’s from a great movie, “The Great Escape” if you’ve never watched it, with all my heart I urge you to set aside the 3.5 hours it takes to watch it, and really digest the cinematic greatness. ¬†I can’t find a really great clip, but suffice it to say that Captain Hilts is the best at being in The Cooler, which is solitary confinement. ¬†Armed with only his baseball and mitt he passes weeks on end in solitary confinement. ¬†When let out has a whole host of new escape plans to confound, confuse and harass the enemy (Nazi’s) to the best of his ability. ¬†It’s pretty great.

So when you’re at home training: be like Steve McQueen, be like Hilts, play hard with what you have, keep your sanity, get better, and come out with great plans, which you might fail just as greatly, but for the love of all that’s holy, at least give it a damn good go!



The Workout:

5 Rounds for Time of:

6 False Grip Strict Ring Pull-ups to Chest

6 Overhead Squats 185/135

6 Sandbag/Medball Over Shoulder 100/50


Home Version:

10 Rounds for Time:

6 False Grip Ring Rows, heavy angle! (Could also be a DB/KB Row with what you’ve got that’s heavy enough)

6 PVC/Broom Stick Overhead Squats (as best you can, deep, slow, stretchy!)

6 Deadlifts with 95/65 – or whatever you’ve got that’s heavy ūüôā



8 Rounds of 300m Rest 2 minutes

Use your 500m Pace for as long as you can!