Gym Closure Stuff :/

I can’t believe it.  Just as we were getting to a new level (of confidence and power, it’s a Pantera quote) we get shut down, again.  [Breath] So here we go!  The gym is OPEN Monday the 16th, and is closed that night at 11:59PM (Midnight).  So if you’re coming on Monday, do it!  Tuesday and on is no more 🙁 Carrie, Terra and I will be there all day to get you guys trained up, talk through everything, and divvy out the equipment again.  We’ve got lots of stuff for sure to loan out, and with any luck this period will be shorter.  We’re going to be hopping back on zoom big time, I’m going to send out an email tonight asking for times that you’d like to see, please be honest with this, and let me know what you can do schedule-wise and on which days, and we’ll accommodate as much as we can to keep everyone going!  We’ve made some really good gains, and our momentum was good, so I see no reason to get slumped and sidelined by this next hiccup (speed bump?) that’s been set up against us.

Money Stuff:

“If you don’t like the weather, wait a half hour,” I feel like that applies to right now.  Sheesh.  So, no classes, no class fees!  Yay!  Let’s keep paying the regular monthly amounts you’ve been paying for the gym seeing as they pay the gyms expenses.  The gym will tap into its reserves for payroll on the zoom classes, and that makes it easy.  The monthly dues will come out again on the 1st of Dec, and then when we get back into it, with whatever regulations and stipulations they give to us, we’ll add that into the mix and come up the fairest most equitable plan possible moving forward.  Thanks for always being so flexible you guys, it’s a whirlwind for us, and I’m sure it’s quite the torrent for you as well!  Stick with us, and we’ll keep doing our best to serve you better, help you more and together we’ll keep improving!

Cornucopia Stuff!

We’re gonna do it this year!  Remote!  If you can get a few people together and make a team, that’s huge.  If you want to meet up and do it together and feel safe/good about that, go for it!  If you don’t/shouldn’t totally cool, use zoom or FaceTime or whatever and meet up that way and share the reps.  We’ll do a big zoom kick off from our home at 9:00am, and then a check back in at 10:00am for finishing and waving bye!

If it’s your first time, totally cool.  The workout is pretty brutal, I’ll be posting more about it coming up later this week, so stay tuned, but we’ll be putting up some lists in the gym (on the glass whiteboards) and that’ll help get some teams together.


Hey guys!

Zoom Time: 11:00am (wait for more info on more zooms, coming in the future, this is correct for today)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 543 692 6158

Passcode: 162313


The Workout:

16 Max Rounds in 8 minutes of:

2 Snatches 135/95

4 Parallette Push-ups (feet on box jump box)

8 Box Jumps 24/20


Home version can certainly be:

Max Rounds in 12 Minutes 🙂

4 DB Snatches Left

4 DB Snatches Right

8 Push-ups

16 Step Ups



Row 1600m with 6 minutes rest three times

Use your 2k pace +:02 as a goal