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The Workout!

Scales, and L-sits or L-Hang (remember that a knee raise hang is just as good 🙂 for 20 minutes-ish and then:


Max Rounds in 12 minutes of:

15 Hang Power Cleans with Something cool (Sandbag, duffel, case of La Croix etc) or your own barbell (probably 45-75lbs is enough)

30 Lying Flutter Kicks

:45 Seconds in a Plank



Do the Scales and the L-Sits for at least 20 minutes to get things rolling, make sure you do a bunch of arm swings, Leg swings and squats, then practice the clean for a while to get it solid and the loading appropriate to where you can do all 15 in a row and have it be tough when you get there 🙂 SMASH it.


Do a 1k Time Trial today.


5 Rounds of:

250m ON

1 Minute Off