For what I’m not sure, but what the hell 🙂


The Workout:


3 Rounds, each for time:

60 seconds Run

7 Burpee Box Jumps

14 Mountain Climbers

21 Thrusters

2-min Rest


Do you burpee the way that’s best for you, and then either a box jump or a step up.

You guys know the thruster 🙂



Let’s do a good old fashioned work session for our warm-up.  Start with planks, bridges, clamshells, single leg drills, then work up to arm swings, various push-up drills, and then some extra warm-up reps of: (like 3×20 each or so) Lying Shoulder Drills, 90-90’s, and Hollow Rocks 🙂






15 Rounds:

10 Calories as fast as possible

Rest 1 minute