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Here’s the workout:

2 Rounds for Max Reps of:

3 Minutes of Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (A lighter weight, try to go for 3 minutes straight, like 75-100 reps!!)

3 Minutes of Alternating Pistols (Progressions Typically)

***Scaling to include lunges, or split squats for sure also :)***

3 Minutes of Jump Throughs (Chairs, or P-Lets, or boxes etc.)


Advice: Make the SDLHP pretty light, work the everloving S out of your pistols, perfect reps every rep, be hard on yourself!  And try to be active through the jump throughs, feel the abs, the upper body, the elbows, the legs.




Quarantine 3 Sets of 10:


Lying Leg Raises

1 Arm Overhead Squats (alternating)

Lying Floor Drill




Make sure you warm-up really well 🙂

4 Rounds for max meters, resting 5 minutes each round:

Max Push-ups in 1 minute

Max Meters in 40 seconds