Sorry no zoom guys!  The new schedule there is M/W/F at 11:00am.  Not to sound mean, but the lack of interest in these classes for the last month has brought us to this decision.  Super sorry if that impacts anyones new plans!  The workouts will still be here daily, for those WODing from the shadows (thanks! keep doing it!) and we’ll keep rocking the 11’s because people actually come to them!!


The workout:

2 Rounds for Time of:

21 Low Hang DB Snatch R

21 Overhead Squats R

21 Down Dog Row R

21 Low Hang DB Snatch L

21 Overhead Squats R

21 Down Dog Row L



For the warm-up let’s bang away at the Quarantine 10’s, after a little light movement (leg swings, etc.) then check out this session!  Gonna be cool 🙂

Quarantine 3 Sets of 10:


Lying Leg Raises

1 Arm Overhead Squats (alternating)

Lying Floor Drill