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Also: from UC Davis via Maher https://health.ucdavis.edu/health-news/newsroom/uc-davis-experts-detail-common-mistakes-about-covid-19/2020/07

Great article. It talks about leaving the disinfectant on for longer the things we clean, reinforcing the need for the “passing period” between classes when things dry out and actually become disinfected.  Reinforces mask use, hand sanitizer being OK, and there’s a thought provoking moment about fans inside.

“Stay away from the big fans like you see at gyms that blow air across the room, they create a focused blast that pushes air and the virus a long way.”

Ours points outside.  To bring in fresh air from the front of the building, and to get the air you guys have been breathing out of the gym every 10 minutes or so.  IF we pointed the fan into the building what would happen would be the thing they are warning about where if station 4 is sloughing off viruses the fan would quickly fill the room with badness because the air isn’t leaving the room (if the doors would be shut in this scenario it would be so much worse, as many gyms don’t have the kind of bay door that we do) where our situation is completely different.


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The Workout:

4 Rounds for awesome:

20 Split Squats holding a medball or light KB or jug of laundry soap

20 Single Legged Rotating Jumps (jump off 1 foot, land with BOTH feet, only turn 90 degrees at a time)

20 Hollow Rocks

Max Push-ups without stopping


Do whatever kind of pulling you have, rings and ring rows, ring pull-ups, strict pull-ups if you have a bar, down dog rows if you can do those, something, banded rows to fatigue.  GET SOME PULLING IN.  Play tug of war with your pit bull, HARD. Find a way.