We get to open!!  Hopefully near to June 1st.  Ole’ Jay pulled a fast one and lumped our kind of fitness training in the same category as a “barber shop or a salon” and not a “gym.” Go figure.  SO, Sweetie and I are going to work like mad steroidal rabbits to get everything up to code for on quasi-grandish re-opening Monday the 1st (it may still be delayed from there, so don’t get too crazy, like I did).  There are some really heavy limitations that they’re placing on the gyms’ operation for at least 4-6 weeks (into August for sure).  Yippee

I refuse to retype them and lay them all out here, it will be a maddening disservice (trust me I spent 11 hours yesterday figuring out WTF) to each of you individually.  What we’re gonna do is set up times in person, in small groups, up to 4 people in 30 minute blocks over next next weekend (30th and 31st), to talk everything through, be super clear about what it all means and for how long, and to reiterate how much Carrie and I appreciate you supporting us through all this.

Regular Zoom Schedule moving forward until you see here otherwise 🙂


Zoom classes: 6:00am, 7:30am, 4:00pm (kids) and 5:30pm!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 543 692 6158

Passcode: 162313


The Workout:

50 of Each for time!

Squat Jumps

Box Jumps



Hollow Rock Pullovers

Push Presses

Hollow Arch



Double Under


Don’t hesitate to scale the reps to 20, 25, 30 or 35 of each, this workout is long, don’t go too crazy!!


The Warm-up is doing a handful of each movement, and getting ready for it mentally 🙂