1st Day in the Cycle!!  Here we go 🙂


Zoom classes: 8am ONLY  (if you’re super bummed about this text me and we’ll figure something out, the last few weeks Sunday nights class has been really slow!)

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 543 692 6158

Passcode: 162313


The Workout:

Partner Workout!  It really is OK if you don’t have a partner all lined up before class, we’ll sort that out when we get there 🙂

5 Rounds each of:

25 Reps of KB Swings and 15 Burpees cause rotate

Buddy Runs/Jumps Rope while other buddy does reps!


No videos!!  Whoa!!  Can it be?!?!?  I could post the KB Review and Burpee Scales videos, but you guys go this 🙂

The KB for this workout should be something that’s pretty heavy for you, might have to break up the set certainly as the rounds wear on.


Let’s work through major hamstring stuff, stretches, curls, and falls.  Then get through some arm rotation stuff (external rotator drills etc.) then a little running review and calf warm-up, then blast into it!!  This should take a little while I think 🙂