HA 🙂 We’re doing Bendy Tendy Terra Time, it counts as “rest” but for me it’s anything but!

Two classes with Terra: 8:00AM and 5:30PM

Meeting: Bendy Tendy Terra Time!
Times: 8AM and 5:30PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 543 692 6158

Passcode: 162313


Remember guys!  Register for the Support Your Local Box Fundraiser on http://Games.crossfit.com we’ll be doing this workout Tuesday as Day 1 of the next cycle!  Lynnwood CrossFit is our affiliate, register with us so we can all be on the same leaderboard and have some fun with that!

The next cycles’ challenge will be revealed with Tuesdays post, Monday night 🙂

Lastly!  New class for regular training days: 7:30AM!!  So we’ll be having 7:30AM’s Tues/Wed/Thur, Friday is the rest day with BTTT and then Sat and Sun will be slightly later in the AM, but 5:30PM as always 🙂  Thanks for letting me know what works for you all so… show up!!!  🙂