IWe do 🙂

This one’s gonna be tough too!  Remember guys, I really need to hear from you about which morning class we’re to add: 7:00am, 7:30am, or 8:00am.  I want to make sure my sleep-inners are taken care of too!!

Don’t forget to practice your Pistols today for this cycles’ challenge!


Also!  Check out what CrossFit.com is doing!  http://Http://games.crossfit.com

They are putting out fundraiser workouts to help out affiliates!  Now, to be 100% clear, Carrie and I have been overwhelmed with your guys’ support during this past month (as if the prior decade weren’t enough!) both monetarily, but emotionally keeping us level, focused.  I want to participate in our own little way to say “thanks CrossFit for giving us this life changing program, for helping us to build our community and we want to let you know we’re having fun in spite of this madness, and we’re gonna be fitter for it!”

So go register, we’ll scale the workout, and we’ll have fun with it! We’ll do the workout Tuesday the 7th.  Plan accordingly 🙂



Times: 8am and 5:30pm it’s Sunday after all 🙂 No kids class!

Join Zoom Meetings

Meeting ID: 543 692 6158

Password: 162313

Zoom added a password without telling me!  So sorry if you tried to join up yesterday and we’re thwarted!  Remember, text me if something doesn’t work right!


The workout:

30/20/10 For Time

Stink Bugs

Bent Rows Left

Bent Rows Right

”Pen” Jump Squats



That means it’s a 3 round workout, with the 1st round being 30 reps of each, and the second round being 20 reps, with the 3rd round only 10 reps of each exercise.


Warm-up: Take smooth rounds of this guys, and get things moving.  Then practice the moves and get your scaling right an take it from there.  Remember if you have a quandary, text me!

Wall Slides

I’s Y’s and T’s (again I know)

Hop and Twists

Half Burpees