Here we go Team!

April’s Challenge!  2500 Reps with your Jump Rope!!

Single Unders are worth 1, Doubles are worth 2, and Triple Unders are worth 3!  Please please please remember, Buddy Lee (Jump Rope Legend) advises to NOT jump on concrete.  Have some matting under your feet crew, protect those little guys!

More Challenges, YAY!  Also: since we’re doing three on one off, workouts with Bendy Tendy Terra Time (BTTT) on the rest day, I want to put out a challenge each day on day cycle.  Some will be physical, some mental, some whatever, dietetical, but hopefully they should stretch you and make you better in some way 🙂

The first one we’ll do is to do some form of pistol practice (one legged squat, not handgun stuff Salter) each day in this cycle.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Today’s workout has pistols in it already, so today’s covered.  If you already have pistols, great, do these drills and work on the QUALITY of your pistol.  Can your back stay extended at the bottom?  Does your knee stay in line with your hip?  Does your heel stay heavy?  These are brutal questions, work on answering them with “YES!”

Topic: 6:00am Zoom Class
Time: Apr 3rd, 6:00AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Topic: 5:30PM Zoom Class
Time: Apr 3rd, 5:30PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Workout for Friday April 3rd: Our First Repeat! From 3/19, with any luck you kept your score, and are ready to smash this drill!

Max Rounds in 20 minutes of:

20 90-90’s (don’t be too fast here and tear up your knees guys)

20 Lying Leg raises

20 Hollow Rocks

20 Alternating Pistols (or appropriately difficult progression step)


Lying Leg Raise Scales

Hollow Rock

Pistol Progressions

Advanced Pistol Progressions


My hope is that with all the work with Terra and all the bodyweight stuff we’ve been doing you guys are feeling more mobile, agile and hostile than ever before and really jam through some rounds!



Let’s take 20 reps of Squat Therapy

-in between each 5 reps-


25 Russian Twists

15 Leg Swings Front/Back and Side to Side