Hey guys, I’m gone for a little while coming up 🙂 Enjoy the roulette of Coaches that you have!!  Erika’s in, Steph’s back, Coach Carrie is Coaching, Terra and Jay of course are in, Jen is in the mix with fundamentals, Meredyth is back, Eileen is making it happen, whoa!!  For the next few weeks, be excited at who’s rocking the show, show them the love, and how awesome you are, and then crush workouts!!  I’ll be posting a best I can while over in Nepal, but believe me, I’ll be getting fitter while sucking wind behind casually strutting Sherpas!!  Enjoy it!


Monday the 20th:

Max Weighted Pull-up


Max Weighted Dip


Tuesday the 21st:

2 minutes at each station: max reps/cals

Do a waterfall start to preserve the order of the movements.

GHD Sit-ups

Bike for calories

DB Push Presses 40/30

Ski Erg for calories

GHD Sit-ups


Wednesday the 22nd:

Sumo Deadlift x3


Thursday the 23rd:


20-min AMRAP of:

1 15′ Rope Climb

400m Run



Friday the 24th:

Friday’s in Nepal:

3 Rounds for reps/quality 🙂

3 Minutes Step ups (holding a weight plate, 45/25)

2 Minutes Mountain Climbers

1 minute Bottom of Squat Holds


Saturday the 25th:

Teams of 2 For Time:

Front Squats: 3 Rounds of:

5 reps at 75/55

5 at 115/75

5 at 155/105

5 at 195/140

5 at 235/170

yeah 75 weighted squats! Oi!  Lotsa weight changes, get the weights right and run it!  Certainly scale the loads guys!