Keep the groove guys!  Week 2 here it is!


Monday: #5

15 Euro Presses 45/25

Row 750m

10 Euro Presses

Row 500m

5 Euro Presses

Row 250 for time

“Hey Jess, WTF is a “Euro Press”?”

DB’s on the floor
Hands on DB’s
Jump Feet Back
Strict Push-up
Row the right DB to the chest and back down
Row the left DB to the chest and back down
Jump the feet in
Deadlift the DB’s to standing
Hang Squat Clean
-That’s 1-


Tuesday #6


LCF as Rx’d

3 Rounds for Time of:

Run 800/600/400

30/20/10 Pull-ups

30/20/10 Squat Cleans 95/65


Wednesday: #7

Jerk for 2, double under work afterwards


Thursday: #8  Remember this one from last year?!>!?!  !  Oi!

AMRAP 10 minutes of:

2 KB Hang Clean and Jerk 53/35 Max Reps, everytime you put the KB’s down you have to subtract 2 reps, AND do 25 jumping jacks


Friday: or make up day!

Back Squat x5



Trade Rounds with a buddy:

50 Double Unders

15 Ring Dips

do 6 rounds each, for time.