Hey guys!  Quick rundown on the schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday business as usual.  Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) we do a special workout “The CrossFit Cornucopia” at 7:00am and 8:30am, teams of 4-5 (come without a team, and I’ll get you hooked up), this will be our 11th time doing it (wow), and needless to say it’ll make “room” for whatever you eat that day 🙂

Please know that I love when family visits and I know this time of year is awesome for that, but unless your friend/family member who wants to do it really badly is in really good shape (i.e. has done CrossFit somewhere else for 6 months consistently, not just runs, or does yoga, or “likes to workout too”) they cannot do this workout.  It’s simply too much and we’ve had problems in the past with guests coming in and getting jacked up.  So we’re done with that 🙂

Then after Thursday we’re closed the rest of the week.  A million thank you’s for not grumbling about this.  We’re open just about every other bank holiday of the year, often running special workouts and coordinating events on those days that many people get as paid holidays (time and a half).  I’ll post a recovery home workout for Saturday as it’s own post, check back for that Friday night at 5:00pm if you’re dying that bad for some reps after the bludgeoning that is Cornucopia.

Thanks 🙂

After this week will start the 12 Days of Christmas!  This is our second year doing it this way, and we’re going to repeat the workouts to see how you’ve progressed year over year!  Check out your notes and get ready!  What the 12 Days are is Monday through Thursday each week a workout (1-4, 5-8, 9-12) is up do that workout.  If you miss one, do it on Friday as a make-up, AND THAT’S IT.  The goal is attendance over volume.  Make 4 days each week, and earn your special super sexy sticker!  After those first three weeks are up, we’re into the Christmas break (closed a few days) and then we’re into a whole new year of training!  2020. Man.



Press for Max 5

Max Double Under Trials/Workshop




LCF as Rx’d

Max Rounds in 15 minutes of:

11 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

22 Front Squats (75/55)


Wednesday: when you read the Cornucopia, you’ll get why.


[Not necessarily in this order]




Scales and planks



Lynnwood CrossFit’s Cornucopia:

In teams of 4 for time:

200 Kettlebell Snatches 36/26

200 Deadlifts 95/65

200 Wall Ball Shots 20-10/14-9

200 Med Ball Cleans 20/14

200 Burpees

200 Pull-ups

200 Thrusters 45/33

200 Calories on the Rower


Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: CLOSED